EDUCATION- by Hiawatha Davis iii
Education in the renaissance was very, focused and not as wide spread as the education we have today. Most of the schools were held in church monasteries, and not a lot of children where taught. Education in this time period was considered a privilege and never as a right, as it is today. The schooling was intense, out of all of the students in the schools, the ones who could sing were forced to remember hundreds of songs to sing in Sunday service. The singers had it harder because they would have to remember all of the songs plus they would have to remember all of the regular curriculum that the school taught such as; reading writing and arithmetic. The student were forced to remember all of the information that was taught to them, they would only have chalk board slates, and they would erase them constantly. When the children didn’t remember something or did something wrong they were physically punished. The boys weren’t really in school that long because at a very early age boys were able to become apprentices or start working. The school days lasted from early morning to late at night. Most girls would not receive the education that boys got, girls were mostly taught to cook, clean and sew. The girls who were chosen to have a proper education  would be home schooled.
I think the Education in the Renaissance was very unstable, and very sexist,A lot of places/people back then were sexist though. People believed that women should stay home and do work at home while the men would go out and work at their jobs. Other than being sexist I believe it was also a problem that the children were only taught reading writing and arithmetic. I think it would’ve helped the young men and women a lot to be taught some things about like science or history, like we are taught now. I think it was a huge problem that children stopped school and started working at such young ages. This makes it a higher risk for those children to die earlier (depending on the job) and it affects the growth of that child and cuts the process short. At the same time, people back then did not have the same beliefs that we have today as people.Works cited:

McKay, John P. A History of Western Society. 9th ed. Vol. B. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, 2007. Print.Manymoon – Create a task or



  1. josh1818

    Can you give an example of the “physical punishment” one would receive for forgetting something? Do you think this punishment was effective and made sense at the time?

    • hiawatha123

      when a student was performing (under par) or forgot something like some lyrics to one for the hundred songs they learn, they would receive a hiding (beating). I believe if the chid or student was slacking and not trying to do well in school or remember than the beating might be good, because thats training the child to be more disciplined, but if the child truly could n’t remember that much information than at that point no i believe that that would be worse because the child is being hit or whipped for something that they can’t help. At the same time i do believe it probably made sense at that time, just because (like i said in my blog) their beliefs were different than ours today.

  2. mralexacademic2014

    I very much enjoyed the beginning of your paper, it started off strong, and the rest of it drew you in because of its contrast with modern society. Second, aren’t you just asking for humanism to have been taught in the schools instead of basic math, reading and writing? Also, why would children die earlier if they were not educated. Finally, I see where you got your information, but which information comes from which source?

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