Humanism Nowadays

Humanism is still affecting society today, but people are not aware of Humanism. In modern competitive and fast society, most people learn and try to be better at something, for money or wealth. Humanism values interests and dignity of all human. Humanism started in late 14th century in Italy and spread through the other European countries. We can say that human being’s desire and rationality created the Humanism.

Humanism is such a board concept that it is hard to define. In 14th century Humanism showed the relationship between god and human beings. “Humanism today is basically secular and naturalistic. It is not religious.”(Fowler) There are several kinds of Humanism and they are slightly different in some point, but they are sharing the same main idea. I think humanism eventually led capitalism nowadays. Capitalism has been existed, since in 18th century, but then it had a huge problem: social class differences. If you were living in Victorian era and your dad is blacksmith, there isn’t any choice, have to be a blacksmith. The idea of Humanism existed since in 14th century, but then still there are poor people, who are from undeveloped country, isn’t applied with Humanism.

Nowadays, it seems like humanism is blend into our society and culture. To survive in this society, you have to be competitive, innovative, and practical. Those requirements are sharing the same elements with Humanism. The main idea of Humanism is “Human perfection”, but these day most of people learn and study for their success and money. This trend is very natural because, everything in society works with money and people. Some people would value fame more than money, like a scientist or professor. At the same there are people who mainly work for money, like a businessman or entrepreneur. What people value more might be different, but they do share one thing: They desire. The human nature makes it is impossible for humanism to be detached from society. Unless we make human a Terminator, robot, Humanism will be part of human society until the end of the humanity.




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  1. dan1418

    Yeah, absolutely right. Most people work for their money and fame. What about people who works for charity? Why would they do that?

  2. I really liked reading your post, Sang-Jin! I agree with you how people nowadays aren’t even aware that humanism exists. In fact, I didn’t even know about humanism until we started talking about it in class. It’s interesting how you point out that humanism will always stay with us as long as we exist. Do you think that humanism has had any negative effects on the world, if at all?


  3. jisoo966

    Hi Sangjin! Nice post! I like your idea that human’s desire and rationality created humanism. And it is interesting to know that these days humanism is blended to our society and culture. Do you mean that poor people are not applied with humanism?

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