Improving social morality and world economy at the same time? NO WAY!

Have you ever wondered if people can live under a competition-free business environment yet have a strong economic world where business support business instead of stepping on and destroying others? Yes I have, and I’ve known the solution in creating the peaceful and equal business environment. Not trying to sound arrogant, but aren’t we all desperately searching for this equal and friendly economic “Utopia”?

I’ve recently had chances to learn more about the meaning of Humanism in Business through several articles and had found some of them fascinating. In my opinion, Humanism in business is a way of applying morality into the global economy; this implies that a successful economy environment shouldn’t only focus on rational strategies in making tons of money but focus on sharing mutual respects in relationships between businesses.

Respect- Mutual Respect in Human business society

Follow what I have just said; the vocabulary “mutual respects” could be the key word in what I’m going to explain now. Business people nowadays have discovered that in order to keep the economy up, we can’t just focus on making money and providing a lot of jobs.

In the working space earlier as my dad’s generation, people in higher status in a company (such as boss and manager) tended to treat their employees without any respect because they thought this is the only way to execute their power. But after a period of time some employees choose to backfire; it is obvious that the poor relationship between boss and employees doesn’t benefit either side.

It is important to work in a space where old veterans respect young entrepreneurs and young entrpreneurs look up experienced old veterans

The book “Humanism in Business” stresses the idea that creating a “Humane business society” is indispensable in improving the world economy over the long-term run. Humane business society emphasizes equal voice and mutual respects within a work area or the entire economy world.

Believe- Emphasize Individual achievements:


Humanism in business specifically focuses on individual behaviors and ability to change or preserve a humane business environment. It is said that everyone can be a change maker in economy regardless of your position in a company. I can totally second this trend or act applying in the world we live in now: we see the world full of young creative artists and intelligent engineers flourishing their work in different areas. But when we bring the same case and apply it in the world forty years ago, these people probably wouldn’t get any respects and receive any accepts from the society simply because of the stereotypical thoughts about young people lacking perspectives and experience.

The creation of humane business society has ended the infantalization of young people in workspace and has stressed the importance of respecting or judging a person by individuality. At the end we prove that individuals have the power in changing the world: more people engaging; better success in achieving great economy!

Perspective- Not necessary One-dimensional human being:

However, focusing on individuals and their own achievements doesn’t mean everyone has to be selfish and ego-centered; there is a difference between being a creative individualized entrepreneur (or social Business Entrepreneurs) and being a one- dimensional human being. The Author of “Humanism in business” specifically compares these two types of people:

“We then create a one-dimensional human being to play the role of entrepreneur. We insulate him from other dimensions of life, such as the religious, the emotional, the political, and the social. He is dedicated to one mission in his business life: maximizing profit. ”

We tend to long for success and thus become competitive with others. In most times we fail to corporate with other competitors and thus lose the chance in creating or doing something better.

Collaborate– becoming a social business entrepreneur and creating a humane business society:

It probably sounds really hard to eradicate and getting yourself away from these competitive business environments. But as the below quotes states, the fact is that being cooperative and supportive is actually the essence of human being,

“Most people take pleasure in helping others and all religions encourage this quality in human beings… he has actually graduated into another world, the business world with its limitless expansion possibilities. This is a moment worth celebrating… ”

To create this humane business society, every individual not only has the power to show their brilliant work but also understand the importance of sharing and team up. The people have those values can thus be called the “Social Business Entrepreneurs”. These people know that cooperate with other people not only benefit themselves, but benefit others and the entire society.

In order to follow the rule of Humanism in business, it is important to have a humane business society, and the key to achieving this peaceful and successful society is that everyone becoming a Social Business Entrepreneurs: Being individualized yet cooperative.

Respect, Believe, Perspective and Collaborate


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  1. avaz121

    It is a very incisive argument, Gary! I stand on the same position with your thesis. I argued in my blog that morality and individualism cannot solve problems caused by poverty. I also believe that humanism is able to stimulate economic development based on a certain level of civilization. But i wonder how approachable you see humanism in business in the current society.

    • Gary

      Hello avaz121:

      Thanks for leaving this comment sharing your idea, I’ve read your blog and I’ve found it pretty relating and intriguing!
      About your question, I think nowadays society people tend to long for that single goal- to be at the top and successful and we usually forget about others. Sometimes in this competitive society a lot of people would tend to think narrowly (in simple term: ego-centered) but if we can start embracing and cooperating with others, we will not only have a chance to achieve economic success but build up a friendly business society. Isn’t that a double-wins?

      Gary Lai

  2. kristin888

    Hi Gary!
    This is a great post with lots of strong ideas!
    I agree that a key component to a humane business is mutual respect, and that every individual has the potential to change the world. However, even if we apply humanism to business etiquette, the economy will not necessarily stabilize and in this society, compromising humanism and business seems very difficult. Do you think that this goal can be reached and what will be the inspiration for people to become “social business entrepreneurs?”


    • Gary

      Hi Kristin:

      I think you’re totally right! Sharing mutual respects in workspaces wouldn’t necessary help stabilizing the economy, and the key to reach this goal is to be a “social business entrepreneur”: I think the idea of social business entrepreneur can be tempting to a lot of businesses: For example: Asus couldn’t build a computer by themselves ; every component comes from different companies so in order to make great computers, Asus would choose to collaborate with other small component providers, this not only cuts down the work within Asus company but also benefit companies that provide components pieces.

      Hope it answers you question!

      -Gary Lai

  3. Greetings Gary!
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post – the ideas you describe are very interesting as well as strong, but I’m curious as to how you view these ideas in the context of human nature, being naturally competitive. Great post though!

    – Michael

    • Gary

      Hello Michael!

      I’m glad you bring up this question! I think humans tend to act out what they think; since everyone knows that being superior others would build up self confidence (or in this case make more money and become more famous), people tend to think and act ego-centrically. Being positively competitive and having strong ability is a good thing, but if we learn to use these strengths and collaborate with others, we might build up something even more amazing than one could have accomplished!

      “If you want to be incrementally better: Be competitive. If you want to be exponentially better: Be cooperative.”

      “No employer today is independent of those about him. He cannot succeed alone, no matter how great his ability or capital. Business today is more than ever a question of cooperation.”
      -Orison Swett Marden (1850-1924) American author and founder of Success magazine.

      -Gary Lai

  4. sydney013868

    Hi Gary,

    This article is awesome! I like how you brought up the idea that competition between multiple businesses requires mutual respect for one another. I know that in this world today, there are still major companies that squash their competitors before they can even get started, such as the Channel Broadcasters in South Korea. How long do you think it will be until countries like this will decide to pass a law to prevent this from happening, if at all?


  5. Gary

    Hello Sydney:

    Thanks for sharing your resource about South Korean entertainment cutthroat competition. I think government can definitely pass laws preventing some surface problems of cutthroat business competition but it wouldn’t entirely solve the core issue until those businesses realize the importance of becoming a “Social business entrepreneur”. In my opinion, those business bullies may win the battle instantly, but they wouldn’t survive for a long period of time; according to a quote I’ve shared with Michael in the last comment,

    “No employer today is independent of those about him. He cannot succeed alone, no matter how great his ability or capital. Business today is more than ever a question of cooperation.”
    -Orison Swett Marden (1850-1924) American author and founder of Success magazine.

    this company may squash all the competitors and be the king of South Korean entertainment, but this wouldn’t help improve the entertainment circle as a whole since this company monopolizes everything and is basically fighting in the front line by themselves. Without anyone support, they probably not going to win the game eventually.

    Hope this comment has helped you gain a better understanding!

    Gary Lai

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