Why is Humanism so important from the Renaissance until now? I think it is essential to all the humans because it provides strong supports for the individuals that influenced the social. In the article, “The New Humanism”, by David Brooks that I read, emphasizes that the reliance on an overly simplistic view of human nature brings failure. I agree with Brooks that the way of judging people only by others by their test scores, GPA, and SAT scores don’t tell everything about them. But since the humanism is to be a “Perfect Human” it is easier to tell whether that person is talented and capable of doing things or not by looking at those factors.

Brooks criticizes the world in nowadays that people only look at people’s materials as degrees, and status but not their emotions as looking at character or relationships with others. Brooks gave an example of people judging a student by looking at his or her SAT score but not looking at their personality, which Brooks claims that people are not following the humanism these days. This simple view of human nature makes people to be good about “material things but bad at talking about emotion” (Brooks). Brooks suggests the new humanism that our view of ourselves should change.

I learned that Renaissance was the time when people started to understand human nature rather than looking to the classics to reveal God. It led humanists to emphasize the importance of the individual. This supports Brooks opinion because he stresses that modern people don’t look at the individual’s “personality, uniqueness, genius, capabilities, and talents” as the individualism is underlined. Grades don’t show what a person is capable of doing something or if that person is talented in specific area.

Humanism is the positive affirmation that human beings can find from within themselves the resources to live a good life without a religion. So, I don’t think it’s following the humanism when the scores and grades are more necessary than the other important things that show the individualism.

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  1. claire1431

    I really enjoyed this post! Are you saying that in the modern world today, that people only determine each others success through their GPA or SAT scores, and not necessarily on their personality or uniqueness? I definitely agree that grades are not enough to show was individuals are capable of. This blog was very interesting, and made me look at humanism in a different way. Great Job!

    • jisoo966

      Claire, I’m glad that you enjoyed my post! In this modern society, most of the people would look at a person’s test scores or degrees but not their uniqueness. I don’t think that GPA or SAT scores show the individual’s ability, how smart they are, or the uniqueness of them. Thanks for your comment!
      – Jisoo

  2. amandagowithit

    Really nice insights, Jisoo! An example that we are using individualism today is when we apply to college, they want you to write essays, answer questions and such to see who you really are. Would you consider that a practice we are using nowadays to put individualism “into play”? & do you think that there could be other ways we could establish these old practices?

    • jisoo966

      Thanks for your comment, Amanda. I agree with you that the essays and aswering questions from college is part of showing individuality. I would consider that as a practice of putting individualism into play. But, wouldn’t colleges read the essays after evaluating them by looking at GPA and SAT scores? These practices are not quite established well in this society because people still consider grades and scores more important than other things. I think interview is also a good way to show uniqueness and personality.
      – Jisoo

      • amandagowithit

        No, they look at all three at the same time. Some people who have really good stories, essays, interviews, and talk about something that has happened to them to shape them the way they are have gotten into colleges like Stanford, Yale, Brown, etc. There grades and SAT scores may not have been as good as some other peoples, it was decent, but in this society today its more about the realness in a person… or thats how I see it sometimes.

  3. sydney013868

    I like this post! According to my Chiropractor, grades are only half of the story. In med school, he said the kids who got As were the smartest, the B students were the most popular, and the C students got the most money. I definitely think that that personality takes a huge part in success.

    • jisoo966

      Sydney, thanks for reading my post! It is really interesting to know what your chiropractor had told you! As he said, I think getting higher grade doesn’t mean that you would succeed in the future. Thanks!
      – Jisoo

  4. ottol808

    A very simple and clear post! You get right to the point! Colleges are always looking uniqueness in application essays, but SATs always get in the way. You make a very clear point that grades don’t mean everything!

  5. jinny0905

    Hi Jisoo, I really liked your post! And I really liked your picture too !
    I agree with your opinion. In which way do you think the modern humanism should be built?

    • jisoo966

      I’m glad that you liked my post, Jinny! I think the modern society should consider more about individualism. People should evaluate people by their personality and uniqueness but not by their grades and scores.
      – Jisoo

  6. sangj1n

    Hi Jisoo nice job. I agree with you too. In modern society it is very easy to forget about human character. You talked about the problems in the society, but you didn’t give a solution or suggestion. It would be a better writing if you add your suggestion to the problem.

    • jisoo966

      Nice point, Sangjin! It’s going to take a long time to fix this problem but i think the society should value each person’s individuality more than their GPA and SAT scores because it doesn’t show everything about them.
      Thanks for you suggestion,
      – Jisoo

  7. rogina9993

    Hey Jisoo,
    It’s a really understandable and attractive post! Your view in the post is also what most of the students are curious about, as well. However, as what Sangjin said, it would be awesome if you can write more of your opinions and the evaluation to this situation.=)

  8. jisoo966

    Rogina, thanks for commenting on my post! I will take your advice and be more persuasive on my thoughts next time!
    – Jisoo

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