Art Then and Now

There are many similar aspects in modern and renaissance. I chose to compare Salvador Dali’s painting “The Sacrament of the Last Supper” and Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”.

I chose these two paintings because they are very similar, but from very different eras. Salvador Dali’s painting is considered modern art, and is in his own perception of the famous “Last Supper”. I think it is interesting how famous the two paintings are, even though they are practically the same thing.

Salvador Dali was very interested in how the mind works, and the occult. He tried to represent this in his artwork, which usually resulted in his art seeming odd, confusing, and surreal.

It was interesting how Dali was known to be inspired by renaissance artists-like Leonardo. It was surprising to me that Dali was inspired by Renaissance artists because they were known for making artwork very realistic, whereas Dali took a more abstract approach to his artwork.

An example of this striking contrast is how the color schemes differentiate in the two paintings. In Salvador Dali’s painting, there is a lot of light and dreamlike imagery.

In Leonardo’s painting, he used very strong colors, and I think he is very realistic in everything he wanted to put in the painting.

Leonardo Da Vinci was also known for having an impressive imagination and his interpretation of “The Last Supper” is one of his most famous religious paintings.

I would like to think that considering both Dali’s and Da Vinci’s known and impressive imagination in art, that if they were alive in the same era, they would like each other very much! They both had very intriguing and unheard of perspective and seemed to have a similar creative way of thinking.

Both pieces of art were very creative, and were also based upon religious passages.

Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”  has many more characters in it, and each person’s face is much more visible. This scene seems very democratic, people seem to be freely discussing what they please.

Salvador Dali’s “The Sacrament of the Last Supper” looks to be the opposite. All the people but the man resembling Jesus in the middle are looking down, not discussing, nor even seem to be envolved in what is going on.

I think these contradictions in Salvador’s painting could represent how government slowly changed from a democracy to a dictation.


  1. Hi Morgan! I really liked reading your post! Which painting of the Last Supper do you like better? Da Vinci’s, Dali’s, or do you like both of them equally the same?


    • morgigglez

      Ajay, thank you for commenting on my post! I think that I like Da Vinci’s better, only because it is the original painting. But I also enjoy Dali’s interpretation of “The Last Supper” because it shows that there are many different ways of looking at the painting. Thanks again for commenting and reading my post!

  2. amandagowithit

    Nice post Morgan! I like the observations you made about the two paintings and did make me realize a lot I didn’t know before. Why do you think Salvador decide to do a rendition of the painting?


    • morgigglez

      Thank you for reading my post Amanda!
      I think that Salvador decided to remake “The Last Supper” because not only was he very interested in renaissance artists, but he was very interested in showing pieces of art how he saw them. He had a very unique way of perceiving art and his modern version of Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting really differentiates from the original.

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