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When you look at the Pieta one of the finest sculpture of Michelangelo, have you ever wonder what does Michelangelo really try to convey to us?. He completed this piece of work when he was only 24 years old. It locates in the Rome at the church St. peter.The Pieta is one of the best sculpture of all the time“Living up to the claim that no other sculptor could produce a better work … The Pieta was just that, in all its details. No other sculpture to come from his hand is more finished,”(Coughlan,80) . The Pieta carved from marble meticulously.

So why is the Pieta unique? And what is the Pieta? According to the description from Drs. Beth Harris and Steven Zucker in the video, the Pieta is the pity of the Virgin Mary to Christ “The body of the dead Christ and his mother the Virgin Mary who hold him on her lap”. The reason why the Pieta is so special and unique is because the way Michelangelo express his emotion on both Mary and Christ. If you look at Mary you see a youthful and beautiful face with sadness emotion and “the way she holds up his right arm and pull up that flesh a little bit” (Video) .It represents that the loses of life is so powerful to Mary. Moreover, she bends her head forward to look at Christ’s face, it feels really sweet and warm .The beauty of the Pieta leave many people with surprise and sadness emotion.  This sculptor of Christ and Mary give us a realistic idea of human being by including all of the little details about their clothes and muscles.

In my opinion, I don’t think Michelangelo tried to make a sculpture to represent only the relationship between Christ and Mary. He also wants people to see the relaonship between mother and son. When i was young, i used to think that the Pieta was just a simple sculpture .As i grew up i  began to have different point of view. I looked closer i saw the unique beautiful delicately sculpture that represents sadness. It seems like those emotion from Mary to Christian are still alive. I really can feel how much she loves Christ. It’s a really influence and powerful sculptor.  It makes me think about my mother and it makes me realize that how much she loves and care about me.

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Image cited



Mom & Son-



  1. harry242424

    Hey Dan,
    I really like reading your blog and I thought that the brief background of the art in the beginning was very helpful. I also liked your conclusion in the end about how this sculpture represents mothers loving their sons in general. Do you know if this image was taken out of something written in the Bible or if Michelangelo created this image himself?

  2. mollyageofreason

    Hi Dan! Thanks for your blog posting, it was a really cool interpretation of the Pieta, and makes the sculpture seem much more relatable. I was wondering if, in your opinion, the Pieta differs from other depictions of Mary holding Jesus after the crucifixion?

  3. amandagowithit

    Hey Dan,

    Really interesting post! I like what you had to say about the Mary and Christ having a relationship to each other, but when you say you see it carried on nowadays, where else would you say you see that?


  4. claire1431

    Hey Dan! Interesting Post! I really enjoyed your personal aspect to it, as well as saying it is similar to mothers loving their sons as well. It is interesting how detailed the pieta is, and that is why it is so famous. Just looking at it, it is hard to fully understand what it represents. Do you know of any other pieces of art that are similar to Michelangelo’s, that kind of display the aspect of Christ and Mary?

  5. janine248

    Hi Dan! As someone how studied sculpture, I’d be interested to know if you think sculpture is generally a more expressive medium than painting? I think your article made sculpture sound extremely powerful. Great work.


    • dan1418

      Hey Janine

      Thanks for comment on my blog, This is very i interesting question. I think sculpture is much more expressive than painting because it stands out

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