How has art changed through time?

In my Age of Reason class we have been focusing on Renaissance artwork.  In my studies I decided to focus on comparing Leonardo DaVinci’s the Last Supper and a modern abstract painting the Picatsso done by Bruce Gray.

In my research I decided to focus on the differences between these modern and renaissance paintings.  The most noticeable difference I saw in the modern painting compared to the Last supper was the amount of abstract images found in the paintings.

In modern artwork there seems to be much less focus on detail and more focus on simple images and shapes and the abstract side of the art.  The Picatsso is a perfect representation of this new style of artwork.  If you look at the picture there are no complex images and detail is not a large focus here.

Renaissance artwork, however, focuses a lot on detail and emotion of the subject.  In the last supper one can see the how much focus is placed on the emotions and expressions on the people’s faces.  Also if you look around in the picture you will see a lot of focus on small details.  Because of these details it is much harder to take in the entire image.

I feel that the reason modern artwork is moving toward less detail is because it is easier for people to relate to the artwork in their own personal way.  Abstract paintings can be interpreted in many different ways depending on who is viewing it, and because of this it can appeal to a larger population.  Also painters have the ability to express themselves and their emotions through abstract work, which makes it much easier to express themselves.

Renaissance artwork was controlled or influenced by Priests or church officials and because of this artists did not have the ability to express themselves as much through their artwork.  I feel if they had had more freedom and influence over their artwork they would have been able to express themselves more through the paintings like artists can today.

These were some of the differences I noticed between Renaissance and Modern artwork.

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