Why not “Renessaince woman”

Sangjin Park

Mike Gwaltney

Age of Reason


Why not “Renessaince woman”

Renaissance is a cultural innovative campaign, started in 16th century in Italy. There were many problems regarding sexism. For example, people in Renaissance thought women are imperfect. Also Renaissance is known as a period in which art flourished. Art was for wealthy people in Renaissance, “Patrician merchants and bankers and popes and princes supported the arts as a means of glorifying themselves and their families, becoming artistic patrons.” (Mckay 421) Most of the time, the artist drew a picture for patrons. Certain artists earned enormous amount of money. “Moreover, at a time when a person could live in a princely fashion on 300 ducats a year, Leonardo da Vinci was making 2,000 ducats annually.” (Mckay 425) All of the designated artists who earned much money were men, not woman.

To be a woman in Renaissance is a misery. The women’s role in Renaissance was extremely restrictive, such as “child-bearer, a keeper of the home and a good wife.”(Drahman) Most of women were expected to get marriage and raise their children, which made it harder to have a major. Therefore, there were very small numbers of Women artists in Renaissance. Most of the woman artists either had very talented skills, so they wouldn’t need extra education or they learned from the male artists among the family members. Even women artists couldn’t draw certain subjects, such as a religious art or nude.The treatment toward women was very unfair in Renaissance.

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  1. jinny0905

    Who were the woman artists ?

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