Michelangelo, one of the worlds greatest artists


I did some research about Michelangelo, as over the summer I saw some of his work including the Sistine chapel. Born on March 6th 1475, Michelangelo was not only a painter, but also a sculptor, an architect, a poet and an engineer. He had a major influence on western art, and was a

contender for the title of Renaissance man, with Leonardo da Vinci (Wikipedia). He is considered one of the greatest artists of all time, and he created some of the most famous paintings of all time including the Pietà and David. Seeing some of his work in person ma

d me appreciate just how talented he was and also understand the reason that he is one of the most famous artists in history.

According to the Encyclopedia of World Biography, “From his childhood Michelangelo was drawn to the arts, but his father considered this pursuit below the family’s social status and tried to discourage him”. To me, this shows his pure determination and persistent attitude that led him on to fame and success. I especially appreciated his work on the Sistine chapel, as it not only took a very long time and a lot of skill, but he also painted it on his back, lying down on scaffolding. This is just one more example of Michelangelo’s pure devotion to the
His sculptures also had a major impact on modern art, the most famous being the statue of David, and of Mother Mary holding the dead body of Jesus, also known as the Pieta. I have personally seen both of these statues, and I was struck by the detail and perfection of the sculptures. While many of the statues of Michelangelo were not completed, they still display the style of art brought about during the renaissance. As if his great achievements in the field of art are n

ot enough, Michelangelo was also a gifted engineer and architect. His work in the field of engineering was the beginning foundation for many modern machines we use today, such as the airplane, and the tank.  arts. He did most of his work in Italy, mainly in Florence and Rome. His work can be seen in most of the museums around Italy, ranging from regular paintings, to more well- known pieces such as the Mona Lisa and the statue of David.

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